Anambas Islands

Anambas Islands

The Anambas islands are a group of 255 pristine islands located in the Riau Archipelago, the South China Sea between Singapore and Borneo.

Only few of these islands are sparsely populated with local fishing villages, and barely known to the outside world. These unspoiled islands are surrounded by crystal clear warm waters and coral reefs, hosting abundant sea-life with unrivaled snorkeling and diving.

Turtles, black tip reef sharks, large school of pelagic fishes, manta rays and even whale sharks are common in the region.

Ideal anchorages, post cards perfect lagoons, white sandy beaches and dramatic waterfalls round out one of our planets last unknown archipelagos.

Due to its beauty and rich marine biodiversity, the Anambas islands have been declared a new Indonesian National Marine park in 2011.

Explore an unchartered territory

Chinese and European sailors first discovered this vast marine territory several centuries ago, but the region remains a great exploration playground for sailors, divers and nature lovers.

Once arriving in Letung airport it becomes clear that you are one of the first sailors to explore this unchartered territory. During the approach aboard the plane you will see the closely scattered islands within the Archipelago that boost with hundreds of bays and beaches for anchorage.

Whether you’re an experienced sailor or on board a ship for the first time, you will love the Anambas Islands, an area so versatile and large that you can beach hop for weeks on end or go on multi-day blue-water passages. Or both, of course. Be one of the first to join us discover and explore this amazing and untouched region!


Sailing Conditions & Cruise Season

Sailing is possible throughout the year but there are major differences between the seasons. The best time for sailing in the Anambas is between June and October.Conditions during July to September are perfect, with warm, sunny weather, a steady 10 knots of wind, and calm seas. June and October have less wind, which is why they are the best time for diving and snorkelling with clear water.

The rainy season is from September to March & some typhoons can hit the region from November until April.

Even when winds are strong and swell are sizeable, the numerous large islands provide hundreds of protected anchorages for any season.While some areas of the archipelago have not been entirely charted and explored, the region provides safe sailing, with few underwater obstacles or dangerous reefs.

Getting to the Anambas Islands

All our cruises around the Anambas Islands start from the north beach of Pulau Jemaja, very close to Letung Airport (airport code “LMU”)

“Traveling from Singapore to Batam – Reach Batam via a Ferry Ride

Batam, an island in Indonesia, is conveniently located just 20km away from Singapore and 15km away from Johor in Malaysia. Several companies operate daily ferry services from Singapore to Batam through different terminals. The ferry journey to Batam island takes approximately 45 minutes and is hassle-free.

The most straightforward way to travel from Singapore to Batam is by taking a ferry from either the “Tanah Merah” or “Singapore HarbourFront” terminals to the “Batam Center Ferry Terminal.” We recommend considering the following ferry companies: Majestic Ferry (with departures every hour from 8:10 to 21:20), BatamFast (with departures every hour from 7:40 to 21:40), and Horizon Ferry (with departures every hour from 8:15 to 21:15). The ferry ticket prices range between $15 and $30 per person, depending on the chosen ferry company.

**Please note that there is a one-hour time difference between Singapore and Batam, Indonesia (Batam is one hour behind Singapore).

Upon arrival at the Batam Center Ferry Terminal and completion of the Indonesian immigration procedures, you will need to take a taxi to Batam Airport (Hang Nadim Airport, BTH), which is a 10km or 20-minute drive from the ferry terminal. The taxi fare typically costs a maximum of $10.

Batam to Jemaja Island – Fly with Wings Air

There are only four weekly flights (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday) operated by Wings Air from Batam Airport (BTH) to Anambas/Letung Airport (LMU).

Wings Air is a low-cost airline and a subsidiary of Lion Air. They operate a fleet of 65 ATR-72 planes, providing short-haul flights across Indonesian islands and neighboring countries.

To book your flight from Batam (BTH) to Anambas (LMU) airport, the best option is to book directly through or use flight platforms like or