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Maithon Island: Phuket's Secret Island

Maiton Island, also known as Koh Mai Thon, located off the southeast coast of Phuket, Thailand. This small treasure is well-known for its untouched beaches, clean waters, and lush biodiversity, making it an ideal destination for anybody seeking serenity and natural beauty.  The island was previously known for its top-notch resorts and luxurious accommodations, drawing in folks after a tranquil and upscale escape. Since it’s privately owned, entering the island is currently prohibited.

Visitors to Maiton Island are in for something special, since there are several exciting activities available. You may snorkel and dive in the amazing coral reefs that surround the island. The marine life here is doing well, making it a paradise for anyone who enjoys being underwater. You can also swim in the beautiful, warm waters, go kayaking, or try paddleboarding.

The island is filled with wildlife, including dolphins, who are frequently spotted in the surrounding waters. Furthermore, hiking routes provide beautiful views and opportunities to explore the island’s rich natural beauty.

Maithon Island is a real gem when it comes to marine attractions. The coral reefs here are breathtaking and well protected, making it an ideal spot for snorkeling, diving and spectacular underwater photography. You can also take a boat to see dolphins and if you’re lucky, some sea turtles near the island. W͏hether you want to relax or b͏e a͏ctive, Maithon Island has everything they need. It is like a dream destination for nat͏ure lovers k͏een on oce͏an e͏xploration during their vacation.

Best islands near Maith͏on Island

Coral Island

Coral Island also known as Koh Hey is the best islan͏ds͏ for da͏y trip from Phuket. This island has a total of 3 beaches: Banana beach, Nikorn Beach, Nonthasak Beach. With clear waters ideal for snorkeling, it's no wonder it's a popular destination. While the island offers a vibrant atmosphere with restaurants, bars, and water sports, it can get crowded during the day.

Koh Lon

Koh Lon, an undeveloped island near Phuket, beckons travelers seeking tranquility. Here, fresh seafood is enjoyed on the beach, and the calm waters invite refreshing swims. While snorkeling isn't ideal, the island offers a slower pace and a glimpse into local fishing villages.

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